Friday, 19 November 2010

Schiehallion Sunday 14 Nov 2010

On route to Schiehallion "The Queen's View"

This is the 4th time on Schiehallion and never had the complete view but hope this is the beginning of the first of the good winter hill walking days. Just the usual start from the Braes of Foss car park which follows the well constructed path by The John Muir Trust a job well done I will add

On the John Muir path up Schiehallion
At about 800m we disappeared into cloud which there were a few glimpses now and again but that was pretty much it til we came back down, so hence the lack of photos today.While standing at the summit waiting for Paul a raven landed right beside me, these are big  boys like and quite scary as was just a huge black shape out of the cloud as was all by myself, think it thought I was dinner.
Myself at the Summit Rocks

Tweeting from the Summit

After leaving the summit at about 900m the wind whipped up and was blowing the snow around causing Paul to remove his glasses which was even worse cos then he was totally blind, the words I heard were he could see diddly-squat, not the best ! Anyways back at 800m and out of the cloud and almost out of the snow it was like a different world and an easy descent back to car. So maybe next (5th) time lucky to getting the complete view ?  I did the feeling that some hills just don't like you and don't want you on them.


  1. Love the summit pictures. I have a few hills where things always go wrong each time I try to climb them or like you there is no view.

    Fingers crossed on the 5th time up you will get to see something.

  2. I loved the raven thinking you were dinner comment!