Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Glas Tulaichean Carn an Righ Sunday 22 August 2010

With permisssion parked at Dalmunzie Hotel and began walk up the dismantled railway line to reach the ruined building of Glenlochsie Lodge. I always remember the first time doing this walk as this is fourth time but did not walk up railway line but path on other side of river which reached ruined lodge on wrong side, so had to cross river which was pretty much in spate (March) I would not recommend this as had to throw rucksac over and remove some items of clothing and wade nearly swim over, absolutely freezin !  Anyway  the route continues up a well established path that takes you right to the summit, we had a heavy shower during the ascent but the cloud cleared while at the summit.
Glenlochsie Lodge

Looking from the path back down Glenlochsie

From the summit of Glas Tulaichean we continued on N ridge until ground was less steep then turned and desended NW to reach the path on the south side of Mam nan Carn. Followed this obvious path to the stoney summit of Carn an Righ.
Carn an Righ from Glas Tulaichean

Glas Tulaichean from Carn an Righ

Path from Carn an Righ along Mam nan Carn Munro Beinn Lutharn Mhor on extreme right

From the summit of Carn an Righ followed path back along south side of Mam nan Carn and almost all the way back to Loch nan Eun but just before reaching loch cut across peathags (nightmare) at the end of N ridge of Glas Tulaichean to descend and reach the path that leads to Loch nan Eun from Glen Taitneach.Then we followed this long path back to Dalmunzie Hotel.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Tarmachan Ridge Sunday 8 August 2010

Having done twice before but not for some time decided on Sat that this would be the walk for today and to do it before the sna comes again !! Started at the usual starting point just beyond the Ben Lawers vistor centre and followed the well made path (was not there the first time I did it) that climbs the broad S ridge easily to the first top and only Munro, Meall nan Tarmachan. The ridge then heads south west passing two lochans to reach the shapely peak of Meall Garbh
Meall Garbh from Meall nan Tarmachan

Looking west towards the tops of Beinn nan Eachan & Creag na Caillich from Meall Garbh

From the summit the ridge narrows then there is a steep descent which requires some downward scrambling (care is required) this could be bypassed to the north but it will still be down steep grass.
Steep descent from Meal Garbh

The ridge then continues round and over knolls to reach top of Beinn nan Eachan
Looking back ridge to Meall Garbh & Meall nan Tarmachan from Beinn nan Eachan

Looking towards Loch Tay

A slight dip  in the ridge then leads to last top of Creag na Caillich where we retraced our route to a cairn marking the descend into the corrie to reach the old disused mine building and followed the road that was once used to reach mine back to the start.