Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Carn An T- Sagairt Mor Carn A' Choire Bhoidheach Sunday 25 July 2010

Had originally planned to walk Beinn a Ghlo today but MWIS said cloud would be slow to clear on the higher tops around A9 and did not fancy walking in cloud most of the day so we decided to stay further east and although in the end I think it would have been fine on Beinn a Ghlo glad that I did these two as only ever done Carn A' Choire Bhoidheach once Started at Auchallater where I'm annoyed to say there has been a half hearted attempt to improve the parking area and a machine installed plus a £2.50 a day charging fee Now I don't mind paying for parking BUT whoever is charging this its a con as the parking area no bigger just slighty smoother than it was before, really hacks me off this. Anyways enough ranting, we walked up the rough road to Loch Callater with the added bonus of seeing a couple of dippers working the River Callater. At the lodge the well constructed path turns NE and runs parallel to the loch raising all the time and continues really all the way following fence posts to the summit of Carn An T- Sagairt Mor.

Looking  towards Tolmount and Loch Callater

Looking at other end of Loch Callater and Callater Lodge

From the summit we dropped down onto the path that would eventually reach Lochnagar and followed it to reach the plateau between The Stuic & Carn A' Choire Bhoidheach where we turned and headed south over the high plateau that leads to the summit of Carn A' Choire Bhoidheach.

The cliffs on Lochnagar from Carn A' Choire Bhoidheach

From the summit of Carn A' Choire Bhoidheach we took the slight detour to The Stuic where there is a great view over the whole of Deeside and the not often pictured side of Lochnagar.

Lochnagar from The Stuic

Myself somewhat windswept on The Stuic

Broad Cairn & Cairn Bannoch from the Path

Rejoined the upward path which skirts round the south side of Carn An T- Sagairt Mor and back down to Loch Callater and then what seems like the long walk out out to Auchallater.

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