Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Dun da Ghaoithe Isle of Mull Monday 21 June 2010

Dun da Ghaoithe to left from Lochaline to Fishnish Ferry

This is the only Corbett on Mull so since I am kind of climbing the Corbetts on & off it was the  first on the list. Started late afternoon as although it was dry and very warm the mountains in Mull were producing orographic cloud, so we where trying to hang off as forecast was for better later on. Now according to the SMC Corbett guide the preferred route begins at Scallastle (Farm, alarm bells already ringing !) Anyway walked up the road to the so called gate between farm and coachworks where we could not go through  as was blocked off and then saw a Staff Bull Terrier coming our way so it was out of there. Back at car drove further down road past Craignure to begin near the turn off to Torosay castle. This is a nice approach especially for the views south  but the downside is it is partly a bulldozed road to reach phone masts.

Duart Castle from start of hillwalk

Ferry from Oban on way to Craignure

Alpine flowers on the ridge

After passing the two phone masts gaining height all the way (cos although hill is only 766m its a 10m start) we finally reached the top of Mainnir nam Fiadh were there was thousands of midges so no stopping then it was along a narrowing ridge, which by this point was partly in and out of cloud to a dip in the ridge and final pull up to the summit which again had even more midges, never been at a summit cairn where have I seen so many, really could not stop or it was eaten alive.We just returned the same route in reverse.

Looking towards Tobermory from near the summit

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