Monday, 12 April 2010

Meall nan Aighean, Cairn Mairg, Meall Garbh Sunday 11th April

Have always enjoyed walking the Carn Mairg group but due to circumstances we had to be home early for, we only did 3 in an east to west direction, descending at the col between Meall Garbh and Carn Gorm. These hills give really great walking on good going terrain and great views, apart from that my photos say the rest, and of course the weather was terrific. Hope this is a sign of a great summer to come.

Carn Gorm & Glen Lyon from W ridge on Meall nan Aighean

Schiehallion from Cairn Mairg

Myself on Meall Garbh with the Lawers Group in background

Looking NW towards Loch Rannoch and Ben Nevis
The Top of An Sgor from descent route
Check out the colour of the sky it's real


  1. Ah looks great as always and that sky fantastic.

  2. Perfect weather and great photos!
    Hope your forecast for the summer is right!