Monday, 8 March 2010

Meall Greigh Sun 7 March 2010

Done this hill 20 years ago and never been back to the Ben Lawers group from the Lawers village approach because of  the farmer at Machuim Farm who came upon us going round the wrong side of his shed because the arrow sign to the hill was hidden by fertilizer bags shouted and swore and I mean really cursed at us that I have never ever forgot the viciousness of it thus ruined the memory of these hills for me but today we decided it was a pretty safe choice given the avalanche risk etc...Having left the car at the Ben Lawers hotel we walked up past the farm shed (on the correct side) up through the sparse trees and continued to follow a  path in snow to strike off up the hill at around the first burn coming down from hill.When we left the car there was a lot of fog and cloud hanging around the hills although the Meall Greigh was just clear but as we were climbing  it totally closed in at about 500m and it was like looking at a pure white wall which felt like you were about to walk in to the abyss.

The view I had of Paul on part of the ascent

Nearing the Summit (spot new Haglofs rucksack)
Just as we were about 850m the cloud and fog lifted although still patchy was good enough to see all other surrounding hills.We had planned to do Meall Garbh also but given the walking through the snow was really hard going decided not to. Pushed for time I think.

An Stuc from the descend from Meall Greigh
The descent was about as hard going as ascent as snow even softer and falling though quite a lot.When we were about back at the trees typically the cloud completely cleared and the sun came out. At the car we nicked into the Ben Lawers Hotel for a drink as they like you to do this if using their carpark, only fair. Good to be out on the hill again but the snow conditions made a normally straightforward day pretty tough!

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  1. Hey looks great and scary, Had heard about the farmer before so avoided farm last time up that way. But cool and yeah nice back pack . x