Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Mayar Sun 14 Feb 2010

Myself just emerging from the woods on the Kilbo Path

Not exactly sure how many times I've actually done Mayar (10+) but it's my local and as my hill legs were needin a workout decided to head up Glen Doll. As it was a bit later in the day when we started was not really sure of what route to do and did not fancy Mayar and Dreish by Corrie Fee, as was in Corrie Fee two weeks ago we saw people heading up the scorrie of Driesh, which looks harder than it is so we thought bout going that way but could na really be bothered hauling out the crampons as these would def be needed to get up that route.So decided on Kilbo path leading on to the Shank of Drumfollow,as George Henderson pointed out to me as never really thought about it before what a great name for a ridge. Snow was quite good for walking but hey it's still hard going whatever. Good walking along the ridge which was made quite narrow with blown snow. We then decided to head to Mayar as was starting to snow. Had a quick cup of coffee and my Caramac,yes remember them, has to be a Caramac. On to Mayar and great views all round but everything looking very white.

Looking towards Dreish

Just decided to head back to the Shank of Drumfollow to save fiddleing with the crampons as was snowing as you can see in video. Was going to climb Dreish but I love descending the Shank and better still Clova Hotel, here we come !!

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  1. Yeah great stuff looks fantastic when it snows. Thanks. x